Chicago, Illinois.  April 2017.

This past week I was in downtown Chicago and attempted to capture a small portion of it's urban "nakedness." Images were taken with a Nikkor 50mm "street lens", a piece of glass I rarely use and was pleasantly reminded how much I love.  ~ Peace.

Grand Island, Michigan.  October 2017.  

Every year the trip to Grand Island, Michigan, in the beautiful Upper Peninsula hits it's peak with a trek to the north shore.  Last October, a new rite of passage into buffoon-hood was born: a threading of the natural bridge at the tip of the island.  A few short days later, the arrival into buffoon-hood was completely justified and demonstrated with a Lake Superior shipwreck and tow back to the mainland.  Life is good.  So good.

Click on the arrow in the middle of the annual photo below for a bit of video history, October 2017.