Sweet Olivia

The very first thing I remember upon meeting my friend Sheri when we were teenagers was her voice.  It wasn't what she said, it was the tone of her voice itself.  I found it very beautiful, don't ask me why.  Maybe it was a teenage boy thing, I don't know.  She knows this little fact about me, I confessed it long ago and we've joked about it for over 35 years now.  As time would have it, her voice is now radiantly echoed by her beautiful daughter, Olivia.  

Today Jennifer and I did a photo shoot of Olivia.  What an amazing day of naturally diffused light and textured backdrops, but most of all the numerous and incredible gazes of such a lovely young lady.  Olivia, thank you for being so awesome and fun to be around today!  We love you, sweetie! I'll have your photographs edited shortly for us to review!


Jamie Mink