Meet Richard

I would guess that the majority of dads received a box of chocolates on St. Valentine's Day yesterday.  Or perhaps something a little more masculine, like a faithful bottle of Musk or Old Spice.  Not me.  Not this year.  This year this lucky bloke was gifted with a gnome.

Yep.  A gnome.  How killer is that?

And not just your ordinary run-of-the-mill gnome either.  This one is a woodsman Gnome, baby, as is clearly evident by his sweet coned-shaped tree trunk hat and the incredibly stylish jacket and britches combination in the latest oak leaf tones.  And check out those shoes.  If I had a pair of log clogs like those to hike in with the fellas I'd certainly be king of the camp.  My sweet little girl told me his name is Richard "because of his beard" (no idea where the connection is, none what-so-ever).

So all you dads out there enjoy your fattening chocolates.  And enjoy the sweet aroma of the scent that your grandfathers wooed your grandmothers with.  Me? Richard and I plan on enjoying a long relationship together as fellow men of the woods.  I hope your Valentine's Day was a memorable one.  ~Peace.


Jamie Mink