My Unforgettable Introduction to Sweet Bellies


Summertime.  Sunshine.  Mix these two ingredients into a Saturday and it's road-trip time to an amusement park to grab a few sweet-bellies. That's the name my grandfather gave to that funny feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when gravity has been erased from your equation.  I can remember him driving his motor home over crests in the road, smiling the entire time as he provided us grandkids in the back with sweet-belly after sweet-belly, the summertime wind tousling our hair as we laughed like there was no tomorrow.  Looking back now as an adult, he must have been driving like a madman to produce zero gravity to the occupants of a motor home.  Yikes.  Sweet bellies from Papaw are just one of his many lasting legacies.

Today as I sat next to my girls on ride after ride, I was smiling the entire time.  Of course the smiles were in part from the twists and turns and the joy of being with my happy little duo.  But truth be told, I was grinning like an idiot, eyes shut, pretending I was back in that motor home ripping down a lonesome country road with my beautiful grandfather at the wheel. Life is indeed good.

Jamie Mink