At times being a father to a little girl can be downright awkward and a little uncomfortable.  Especially to an innocent little girl.  In the span of ten minutes today I re-learned that fact.

Being Thursday, Jennifer and I tag team getting Zoie to dance.  Construction delays made today especially challenging, so the off-the-cuff plan was to meet at a hotel and I would hand off the beautiful little package to her and I could get to my evening conference calls with Australia on time.  While waiting for Jennifer at the rendezvous point, Z tells me she has to go Number 2... and "daddy, it can't wait."  Into the hotel lobby we go, straight into a unisex restroom together.

While doing her thing, she notices a dispenser on the wall labeled, "Napkins. $0.25." Confused, she looks to me and says, "Huh.  Twenty five cents?  For a napkin?  What a rip-off.  Taco Bell gives them away for free." My mind stumbled for a few seconds, then I remembered the single most important strategy of being a father in moments like these: keep quiet and throw a lateral to mommy.  I did just that.  

Sure, I can educate her on all things outdoors and in mathematics.  But twenty five cent napkins?  Well... that's just simply no-man's-land.

Jamie Mink