Why I Now Desire A Kilt


Today in Paris a man walked past me that my eyes instantly recognized but my brain struggled to compartmentalize exactly where he fit into my life. Coupled with the fact that this giant of a man was wearing an incredibly sweet kilt and massive leather hiking boots, my brain really sputtered and lost spark.  I knew him, but couldn't place him.

And then it dawned on me, he was Vincent, one of Paul Watson's deck officers on the anti-whaling ship the Bob Barker from the wildlife conservation group the Sea Shepherds (www.seashepherd.org).  This group of sailors plow the Antarctic waters south of Australia risking their lives to harass the japanese whaling fleet and ultimately protect the fleeting herds of whales on the planet.  Heroes to me. Modern day hippie-pirates doing a lot of good if my opinion were to go on record.

Not being shy, I scooped Vincent up in conversation and let me tell ya, he fell right into it with me.  This gentle giant and I shared a most amazing discussion of his lifestyle and his personal experience against the Nisshin Maru in the Southern Ocean.  I had to throw in my two cents about my experience going to Alaska to paddle with the humpbacks, and shazzam... he told me to contact the Sea Shepherds and apply for a crew position.  Incredibly enough, he was serious and encouraged me greatly.

I paged Jennifer immediately after Vincent and I parted company, unaware that it was 4:30am her time back home.    She wasn't so on board with my new plan. I'm not so sure as to how I'm going to pull off this career change in my life, but it has to happen.  If Vincent hadn't said goodbye to me with a big man-hug, I'm certain my burning desire to now become a pirate in an organization I have great respect and awe for wouldn't be so overwhelming.

Best of all, I can already imagine just how killer we would look in matching kilts.  ~  Peace.

Jamie Mink