When Three Just Isn't Enough


Yesterday was the typical last day of work before the holiday shutdown. No morning alarm, go in late, chit chat while drinking too much coffee, then leave at noon. To kill time before the noon whistle blew, I found myself reading thru a number of old blog posts and smiled looking back on this one: The Three Finger Philosophy. In reading it again, I realized I was wrong. Oh so wrong. Let me explain.

I wasn’t wrong in my belief in the philosophy: that if at the end of your days you can look back and count on three fingers three true friends, then you are a fortunate soul. This I believe and subscribe to with all my heart. Where I went wrong when I penned that post was that I honestly believed three fingers would be more than enough for me. In some instances in my life “it feels so right to be wrong” (DJ, queue Joss Stone please). This is one of those instances. I was wrong.

Since that post in 2011 my soul brother Dan is still there, oh yes. He’s my pointer finger and our brotherhood remains unflappable.

Today, on the cusp of 2019, I find myself with my thumb, pinky, ring, and middle fingers fully occupied and I’m gazing at my toes for more assignable digits. God continues to smile on me and compliment the beautiful family He’s given me with deep friendships that are built on time spent together in the outdoors. I have one beautiful brother “by blood,” and these brothers by God’s amazing grace. Life is so, so good and I am a thankful man. I love you clowns dearly, and look forward to many more campfires together. Have a very Merry Christmas you handsome devils.

Oh… that middle finger assignment? The other fingers know quite well which one landed there and I guarantee are in full agreement. ~ Peace.

Jamie Mink